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    September 24, 2013 at 8:11 am

  2. Francisc

    September 24, 2013 at 8:25 am

  3. theKacar

    September 24, 2013 at 8:30 am

    Absolutely amazing color/s in this collection. I can’t take my eyes off of some of these pieces.

  4. Mira

    September 24, 2013 at 8:31 am

    The prints are awesome. Love this collection.

    xx Mira

  5. M Hoogendam

    September 24, 2013 at 8:35 am

    Wow, looks a lot like the Vlisco-textiles, made in Holland ( ). I love them a lot, hopefully they will show more and more in the street next summer!

    • Tyler

      September 24, 2013 at 5:03 pm

      The prints are made in ?Burkino Faso. Breathtaking collection.

      • Jenni

        September 29, 2013 at 3:00 pm

        The striped fabric was made in Burkina but the prints are Dutch wax (or the like) which is commonly worn in West Africa. All brilliant.

  6. Laura

    September 24, 2013 at 9:02 am

    All those mix of prints are amazing! Makes me want to wear nothing plain!

  7. Boxy L

    September 24, 2013 at 9:16 am

    When mixing colors and prints works, it REALLY works! LOVE this collection!

  8. Xeana

    September 24, 2013 at 9:23 am

    Amazing mix of prints and colors!

  9. kelsey

    September 24, 2013 at 9:39 am

    gorgeous prints!
    kw, ladies in navy

  10. Quyen

    September 24, 2013 at 9:58 am

    the cobalt blue skirt is stunning!

  11. Nico

    September 24, 2013 at 10:16 am

  12. Norma

    September 24, 2013 at 2:09 pm

    Truly gorgeous prints and pieces!

  13. Ro Moreira

    September 24, 2013 at 2:32 pm

  14. Gabrielle

    September 24, 2013 at 2:39 pm

    I’m a fan of Stella Jean since a while and this collection pretty much took my breath away!

  15. M. Ryan

    September 24, 2013 at 3:25 pm

    Fun debut. I can just hear the beat of the drums now.

  16. Simone Fraser

    September 24, 2013 at 9:23 pm

    I can’t believe I’ve never encountered this designer before right now! What a gorgeous, inspiring collection.

  17. Charikleia

    September 25, 2013 at 5:46 am

    The models look like real people!

  18. Alessia

    September 25, 2013 at 7:57 am


  19. KT

    September 25, 2013 at 6:47 pm

    On those models, by that designer, it reeks of appropriation. Regardless of its beauty.

    • Simone Fraser

      October 8, 2013 at 8:31 am

      But is it fair to single out stella Jean for such a thing? Surely this criticism caould be made regularly in all forms of design, art, music, dance, architecture and illustration…

    • Ella

      April 19, 2014 at 2:03 pm

      It is fair to speak on this because it is obvious. It is a CULTURAL APPROPRIATION.

      • Lizzie

        May 31, 2014 at 3:14 pm

        I have to say that I am a huge fan of Stella Jean. I fail to see how her work reeks of appropriation. How is it ‘appropriation’ when Stella Jean is of some or all those cultures? Do you even know who she is? You are speaking without knowledge. Given that she is multi-cultural. Would it be ‘self-appropriation’ then? Are we not allowed to be inspired by our own culture?

  20. KT

    September 25, 2013 at 6:50 pm

    Read more about the designer, and would like to rescind the comment on appropriation.

  21. Costume De Rigueur

    October 13, 2013 at 7:49 pm

    love the prints, the colours and the shape..hmm..I guess that means..everything!


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