Thursday, June 5, 2008

From Paris Vogue – Magdalena

I realize that since the supplement i shot for Paris Vogue wasn’t distributed in the US that a lot of you didn’t get to see the photos.
Well, I am pretty proud of them and I want to have them on my blog so i will run a few of them over the next few days with a little background story – if there is one.

This is probably my favorite shot of the whole series because it was so hard to get.

It was literally raining sideways while I was shooting Magdalena
Because it was raining so hard I had her sit on a covered loading dock that had a little light coming in from the side. Since I was using an 85 lens I was back quite a bit, standing in the rain, while my assistant Lynn held an umbrella right under my chin. We must have looked like we were playing stand-up Twister because we were both trying to huddle under this little umbrella. I’m surprised that none of the raindrops show up in the shot. I think it is because of the dark background and lack of and direct light.

I prefer to shoot outside in natural light and rain can make life difficult but only if you let it.


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