The Sartorialist

Madison Ave.,
New York

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Ok, as you can see the street was pretty busy and I only saw glimpses of this gentleman as he made his way down Madison Ave.
At first I couldn’t decide what I thought but, like a picture coming into focus, the closer he got the more intrigued I became by his look and swagger.

Once I got a full view I could immediately tell everything was too perfect to have been “just thrown together”. Just as much as a Savile Row suit this look is all about fit. The cardigan and shirt are the perfect length, the pants are perfectly personalized, the shoes well-aged, and the hat! – don’t get me started at how perfect his pose must reflect his personality.
This man has style in his bones.

We really didn’t talk much after I took the shot but I could just tell he must be a “somebody”, but who?

I imagined he was an artist stopping by his Madison Ave. art dealers gallery to discuss an overdue masterpiece or a modern day Ernest Hemingway.

Later that day I asked someone who I thought might know who he was and he said “that’s the guy that heads Ralph Lauren’s vintage department.”

Apparently this gentlemen travels the world buying all the great vintage items (frames,books,fixtures etc) that you find decorating Ralph’s stores. (pardon me if I don’t have the job description perfectly correct)

To me, that is almost as romantic a job as being a famous artist.