The Sartorialist

Ian Hylton,
New York

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I used to work with Ian when I had a showroom and he was designing for one of the companies I represented.

He is an original Sartorialist – he really loves the act of dressing-up.

Think a male Diana Vreeland.

Ian lives in China now and we just happened to bump into each other in Soho yesterday.

Like everytime I see him, I was completely blown away by the perfection of his suit (MTM, of course).

Heavy cotton, unlined and must have been perfect for yesterdays early Spring weather in NYC.

While he is in town I am going to shoot Ian a few more times because he is one of those guys that I can’t wait to see what he comes up with each day.

Of, course I asked about the manbag (I hope it doesn’t distract this post from the perfection of the suit).

Apparently it takes so much paper money to buy anything in Hong Kong dollars that he started carrying the bag just to tote around the cash.

Sounds like a perfectly Vreeland-ish response to me.