The Sartorialist

Friday Evening “Accordion Jazz Dance Night” ,


So I’m walking on a side street in Milan trying to get to another show and I hear this music almost blaring from somewhere nearby.

It just sounded so unusual for Milan that i just had to follow it. I have found when something seems unusual, it can usually lead to something special.

Anyway, I quickly find a church hosting “Accordion Jazz Night”, The church is packed with senior citizens dancing the early evening away.

Understand, these were not a lot of 70 year olds, these were a lot of 17 year olds trapped in 70 year old bodies.

I mean, i wish i could just say this to you because i will never be able to type or articulate in words what I saw.

Their faces…their joy….their youth

It was people moving past the psychical and living on the emotional.

There was joy, there was fun, there every look, every flirt, every expectation that you could see a a senior prom.

Immediately I was struck by this gentleman in the top image. He wasn’t so much dancing with this woman as he was speed walking, but he was there, he felt it, he was in the moment.

Eventually he came out to the foyer and took a rest right next to me and started talking to another gentleman. I have no idea what they were saying but it was about girls. I’m a guy and i can tell when other guys are talking about girls (no matter what their age).

I had to get to the next show but I was so happy to have stumbled on this this little, tiny slice of life.