Thursday, December 8, 2005

Saks Outlines Plans For SFA Turnaround

In WWD today “Saks Outlines Plans For SFA Turnaround.”

Saks says

The top priority is better inventory management to help gross margins – Fewer Clothes.

SFA will invest in building the Saks luxury image with customers- increasing marketing budgets for more events. Jennings, SFA President, pointed to three new restaurants at SFA as part of the strategy to create a luxury environment. – More Food.
Like I need more food from Saks

From Saks customers I hear they want more educated salespeople, and from the designers/brands that sell to Saks they want more educated buyers.
More than a few times I’ve heard that vendors are frustrated by 24 year-old buyers with no real knowledge of the area they are buying. Maybe that is why the merchandise mix is often off.

Saks- please stop rearranging the chairs and make us believe in you again.

Use the Apple Stores as a prototype,
They don’t need restaurants, they have an educated staff that believe so strongly in the product that a customer cannot help but fall under their spell of confidence and knowledge.
Shopping at Apple is a total WOW experience and that is what I want when spending $2500 on a suit.


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  1. Anonymous

    December 9, 2005 at 1:52 pm

    do you think that the guy thats making $36K with a comission of 2% on a sale is going to WOW you with their knowledge of fit and construction? bleh! no! only when the salespeople are as skilled and trained as the tailors in the back shop, and theyre paid well enough by the retailers to make a good living.

  2. The Sartorialist

    December 9, 2005 at 2:57 pm

    First of all the top salespeople at Saks make a godd living, I’m not crying for them.
    Secondly, it is the Apple employees that are most likely to be making $36K.

    I have personally done enough in-store seminars for department store employees that I know a lot ( not all) of them are just plain lazy. Vendors spend big money to send employees to stores to educate the salespeople but they are often just interested in the free gifts.

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