Thursday, April 29, 2010

On the Street……Fine & Dandy, Tokyo


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  1. Mo

    April 29, 2010 at 3:59 pm

    handsome, and i love the colors <3

  2. PixieCameron

    April 29, 2010 at 4:01 pm

    I love him!!!

  3. Louis

    April 29, 2010 at 4:02 pm

    adoro il glicine delle sue calze…:)

  4. Anonymous

    April 29, 2010 at 4:02 pm

    Love the suit!! This guy looks good. Very springy and pleasant!!

  5. Blackmarket Boo

    April 29, 2010 at 4:04 pm

    pink sock love!!!!!

  6. Jack Daniel

    April 29, 2010 at 4:07 pm

    Nice combo.

  7. Jorge from W Palm Beach

    April 29, 2010 at 4:08 pm

    Love the shoes, and the socks. The jacket, not so much. Notice how far the lapel peaks extend towards his jacket shoulder seam. Jorge from WPB

  8. Anonymous

    April 29, 2010 at 4:08 pm

    flesh coloured socks, what a good idea!


    April 29, 2010 at 4:09 pm

    This is fabulous! He rocks pink like no other man could. I especially love the shoes with the pink socks. The shoes look like they have pink tonal trim on them. Do they? x

  10. joanaddicted

    April 29, 2010 at 4:12 pm

    he is the super cherry cake! stripes here stripes there, in a unique way matched, that it makes you say 'ok, he has attitude or no idea!'..
    p.s. the shoes are awesome!

  11. Ag

    April 29, 2010 at 4:14 pm

    Can we have some Yukio Akamine too? Please…

  12. Anonymous

    April 29, 2010 at 4:15 pm

    Are loafers back in style? I'm not sure about the colours on them, they seem rather, garish. Otherwise, superb.

  13. DesignerSunglasses

    April 29, 2010 at 4:30 pm

    he just looks so happy

    It must have been a fun shoot

    Oh, and I love the clothes ;-)

  14. Ganymede Girl

    April 29, 2010 at 4:37 pm

    Great colors, awesome shoes, loafers are my favorite.

  15. Johanna Urban

    April 29, 2010 at 4:40 pm

    I love this, it's a really good shoot! Love it!!!!

    and I can't stop smile :D


  16. Desiree

    April 29, 2010 at 4:41 pm

    I love him! I love the contrast of the diagonal striped tie with the vertical striped shirt. And of course the lilac stripes in the tie match his obviously high quality lilac socks. SO HANDSOME!!! ;)

  17. Sicaria

    April 29, 2010 at 4:47 pm

    Love the retro fashion forward flare with the pink sock!

  18. Alicia

    April 29, 2010 at 4:49 pm

    i love the striped tie and his pink socks!!! :) great photo

  19. M

    April 29, 2010 at 4:53 pm

    Oh wow, I love this! The pink accents are so fresh on him!! Great picture!

  20. Azam

    April 29, 2010 at 4:57 pm

    A dandy! Alas I have to add an element of critique. The ensemble could have popped better than it does here. Suspect that it's the tie that needs the work. Too similar in scale to the shirt and doesn't do quite as good a job in catching the other elements in what he is wearing and is too dull which has it overpowered by the stripes in the shirt and the colour of the socks. Is that a bouttoniere in his lapel? Wonderful! And does he have a pocket square? Those reworked penny loafers are genius. One also wonders about his watch. The unbuttoning of one button of his surgeon cuffs while dandified still makes me think it a gaucherie that implies crass and not class. Still, this is well worth looking at. Thank you.

  21. Anonymous

    April 29, 2010 at 4:58 pm

    those shoes are very important

  22. The Hype Around...

    April 29, 2010 at 4:58 pm

    Now that,Ladies and Gentlemem, is sharp!

  23. Blanca

    April 29, 2010 at 5:08 pm

    You take really nice photos, great job, thank you for sharing them.


    kisses from Spain.

  24. Nedda Ebo

    April 29, 2010 at 5:12 pm

    ! I love his socks and shoes!!!
    Mustart x

  25. ML

    April 29, 2010 at 5:13 pm

    The socks! The loafers! This guy is pure concentrated happiness!

  26. luce

    April 29, 2010 at 5:13 pm

    matching socks and stripes in tie

  27. Idia'Dega

    April 29, 2010 at 5:18 pm

    Oh he is entirely too too wonderful! How can you look at his joy, his style and not smile? I love it.

  28. Christina

    April 29, 2010 at 5:19 pm

    I love this man and everything about what he's wearing…his penny loafers are to die for!

  29. men's t-shirts

    April 29, 2010 at 5:25 pm

    This is one of my favourite photos that you've posted in the last few weeks.

    This man has effortless style – which is an overused phrase at the best of times! But very appropriate here! Brilliant image.

  30. pedropalaciosphotography

    April 29, 2010 at 5:25 pm

    Those socks are perfect for those shoes…

  31. Masha

    April 29, 2010 at 5:29 pm

    The colors are very springlike. Greay and pink always works. I love the shose and the socks, but I have to say that the suit would not be of my choice (except that I like one detail: the rolled pants).
    Happy and light! Such a delight!

  32. a saber

    April 29, 2010 at 5:30 pm

    Tokyo fine in did . Tr

  33. batsandbows

    April 29, 2010 at 5:49 pm

    oh he's the charm!! those pink socks complement the whole look. id have sushi with him and friends anytime, awesome style, awesome smile.

  34. Anonymous

    April 29, 2010 at 5:51 pm

    Hoho, he`s cool with pink socks…
    Waiting for his date <3 Fruentimmeret

  35. Kiran Chhabria

    April 29, 2010 at 5:53 pm

    This is a happy ensemble if there ever was one! LOVE the socks and shoes!

  36. Yary and Sary

    April 29, 2010 at 6:02 pm

    i lovee the colorrss!

  37. Gina P.

    April 29, 2010 at 6:12 pm

    i like the play on stripes here. and the socks… well thought out. love this shot.

  38. Natasha

    April 29, 2010 at 6:29 pm

    the best part of this picture is his smile! :) not that the outfit isn't great too, those pinks socks are clever and wonderful against the pale grey shade of the suit

  39. Asher Ramras

    April 29, 2010 at 6:30 pm

    This screams spring (his smile and clothes). Great shot.

  40. The Sluice Box

    April 29, 2010 at 6:33 pm

    Who ever thought tailored men's clothing could be this much fun?

  41. Lisa Petrarca

    April 29, 2010 at 6:51 pm

    He should be in a magazine with the heading, "SPRING HAS ARRIVED!"

    Love Him!

  42. ASH!

    April 29, 2010 at 7:28 pm

    the loafers plus the pink socks. Brilliant!

  43. Liya

    April 29, 2010 at 7:33 pm

    colour socks are definitely back!

  44. The Shoe Snob

    April 29, 2010 at 7:51 pm

    one of the best pics i have seen style wise, love the combo and especially the shoes!!

  45. doubledcherry

    April 29, 2010 at 8:24 pm

    whoooaaa amazing! He just simply pulls this off with no problem whatsoever!

  46. Anonymous

    April 29, 2010 at 8:28 pm

    Getting a headache from my brain subconsciously trying to turn his stripes in the same direction. I wish he'd just given one thing up: a stripe, an unbutton sleeve, cufflinks, pant cuffs, piping on the shoes. With this outfit he can never take his jacket off.

  47. Lau Sheow Tong

    April 29, 2010 at 8:40 pm

    The socks and shoes simply form the 'WOW' factor to a corporate assemblage.

  48. Joan

    April 29, 2010 at 8:55 pm

    pink socks!

    Hello Dasein!

  49. J.

    April 29, 2010 at 9:20 pm

    The best part of his outfit are his wrinkles. Made me smile all over!

  50. Thais

    April 29, 2010 at 10:18 pm

    The clothing brand's personality. He seems to be an extrovert, the compound of colors and prints, his cheerful personality emerges:)

    I'm sorry for English


  51. alamocitystyle

    April 29, 2010 at 10:21 pm

    I love this so much! You can tell from that smile on his face that his clothes perfectly express his personality. Only a man that cheerful and confident can pull off pink like that..

  52. Milt-fresh_best-dressed

    April 29, 2010 at 10:31 pm


  53. The Photodiarist

    April 29, 2010 at 10:32 pm

    YAY! Pink socks. Love that he's man enough to wear pink socks!

  54. Joshua

    April 29, 2010 at 11:04 pm

    Its a wonderful color story, I love how the purple socks ties into the tie

  55. Anonymous

    April 29, 2010 at 11:33 pm

    Just so wrong in so many ways. Trying too hard

  56. Oedipus Flex

    April 29, 2010 at 11:57 pm

    I love when a guy can pull off an outfit like this without it looking like a getup, when it looks as natural as this gentleman makes it.

  57. Raphael.Paul

    April 30, 2010 at 1:08 am

    Great …!!!

    Love the socks, his shoes and the suit is adorable of course.

    That is a very good sense of style…!
    The tie matches with the socks..

    But i would wear a white shirt instead ot the stripe one.


  58. Anonymous

    April 30, 2010 at 1:54 am

    How could you not smile while wearing those socks? :) He's delightful!

  59. foshoko

    April 30, 2010 at 2:07 am

    best. socks. ever.

  60. Anonymous

    April 30, 2010 at 3:02 am

    How do you spell PERFECTION? Shoes and socks matching the colours in the tie, so carefully calculated but worn with such comfort and presence

  61. erdenen

    April 30, 2010 at 4:25 am

    looks good!

  62. Fabio LE CALZATURE

    April 30, 2010 at 4:30 am

    Nice, i like especially the shoes!

  63. proletarian Great Gatsby

    April 30, 2010 at 4:33 am

    It is time to use Grey & pink also for men.I love clean and new shoes.

  64. Laurence John

    April 30, 2010 at 5:47 am

    Jorge from WPB, what is your point about the lapel peaks… you think they extend too far ?

  65. Diana

    April 30, 2010 at 6:19 am

    a real dandy! looks great! The socks rule of course.
    On the contrary of the Photodiarist, I say, that he is queer enough to wear that color :-))))) (I mind this on a very positive way)!


    April 30, 2010 at 6:32 am

    incredible style


    April 30, 2010 at 8:00 am

    Excellent tailoring and colour scheme.

  68. maria fernanda

    April 30, 2010 at 9:29 am

    So cute!

  69. TorontoVerve.:

    April 30, 2010 at 9:38 am

    Now this guy's got style…perfection.

  70. Space by Eliana Tomas

    April 30, 2010 at 9:40 am

    brave, indeed!

  71. C.

    April 30, 2010 at 10:27 am

    Nice shot, I love the details on this one ;)

    Beautiful light . . .

  72. Lisa B.

    April 30, 2010 at 10:27 am

    ooooh, pink socks.

  73. Anonymous

    April 30, 2010 at 10:29 am

    Hey Sart, God, I love this guy. The world would be a better place if he went forth and multiplied.

  74. Neema

    April 30, 2010 at 10:46 am

    Great style. He looks stunning in the photograph.That's the best natural pic i hve ever seen.Grat job.

  75. GUGA

    April 30, 2010 at 11:11 am

    PINK SOCKS!!!!!!!!! loved it

  76. anthony

    April 30, 2010 at 12:18 pm

    Oh dear, excluding the shirt,everything is a no!

  77. Anonymous

    April 30, 2010 at 12:44 pm

    we were waiting for more of this out of japan as the best dressed men at PUOMO after the Ialians are the Tokyo boys who rock westernstyle with so much twist YOU HAVE TO LOOK TWICE

  78. Anonymous

    April 30, 2010 at 1:11 pm


  79. Hestor

    April 30, 2010 at 1:28 pm

    One should never wear cuff buttons undone. It is sartorial boasting and not the done thing.

  80. Jenny

    April 30, 2010 at 2:15 pm

    I love all the different yet parallel lines in this shot!

  81. Juan Manuel Trejo Sánchez

    April 30, 2010 at 2:33 pm

    I love the color combination on the shoes!

    This is an authentic smile too, it is contagious.

  82. La Feem

    April 30, 2010 at 2:46 pm

    So fabulous!

  83. Emily

    April 30, 2010 at 2:53 pm

    That man is just impeccably dressed! Wow!

  84. "Guppy" Honaker

    April 30, 2010 at 3:16 pm

    His suit looks great – but he needs to lose those bright socks.

  85. Style-wonderland

    April 30, 2010 at 4:07 pm

    very stylish , so well thought the whole look….Socks and shoes are the best!

  86. Anonymous

    April 30, 2010 at 4:20 pm

    O.K., not an outfit that just anyone could get away with, but I like it on him. The shoes are just a touch on the fem side, the pink sox add a crazy, bold dash of color and I love his suit. It all works for him in that cosmopolitan setting. Bold and stylish!

    And, of course, you managed to get a great smile out of him to complete the picture. Ta-da!

  87. jimmy

    April 30, 2010 at 10:10 pm

    look how clean that cuff is, stunning

  88. Anonymous

    April 30, 2010 at 11:48 pm

    he is fantastic. i want a suit like him in a non ironic way and I'm a woman.

  89. Alli

    May 1, 2010 at 1:53 am

    LOVE the socks!!

  90. a*

    May 1, 2010 at 11:34 am

    soooo cute! what a smile~you know you'd have a great time with this guy~just doing whatever. love that spirit!

  91. Anonymous

    May 1, 2010 at 12:38 pm

    the look. his laughing demeanor. picture. perfect

  92. Phyllis

    May 1, 2010 at 12:53 pm

    the cutest grin! oh and his outfit is nice too i suppose :)

  93. thingsIlove

    May 1, 2010 at 3:43 pm

    Amazing, especially the socks.

  94. SartorialStudent

    May 1, 2010 at 4:56 pm

    It's just all about those pink socks and elegant shoes!

  95. Miss Coco Chanel Paris

    May 1, 2010 at 5:28 pm

    I love this picture, ist very great!

    Greetz from Holland

  96. Miss Coco Chanel Paris

    May 1, 2010 at 5:28 pm

    I love this picture, ist very great!

    Greetz from Holland

  97. sonya

    May 1, 2010 at 7:57 pm

    wow i love his combination of colors! the tie pulls it all together :)

  98. Erni

    May 2, 2010 at 2:08 am

    flamboyantly fabulous!!

  99. Mat

    May 2, 2010 at 9:36 am

    love the size of his lapels

  100. ciao

    May 2, 2010 at 9:50 am

    I LOVE it!


  101. Anonymous

    May 2, 2010 at 10:40 am

    He's awfully cute. What an outfit, but the most important accessory is his endearing smile. As Annie sang, "You're never fully dressed without a smile"!

  102. Kathleen

    May 2, 2010 at 10:42 am

    He is so sophisticated. I love his suit and the choice of
    accessories. The shirt and tie are perfect, the loafer and socks? What can I say but I LOVE THEM! His smile says it all. "I know I look damn good and I am so very comfortable in my own skin" You've got to love him!

  103. Matt Fox

    May 2, 2010 at 11:05 am

    Dandy indeed!

  104. Zoe

    May 2, 2010 at 5:51 pm


  105. Anonymous

    May 3, 2010 at 12:44 am

    Lost me at the pink socks, which seem there to garner attention rather than fit the rest (unless he has a pink stripe on the tie). The look would have been smart with navy blue or even white socks.

  106. fashion

    May 3, 2010 at 2:52 am

    OMG!!!!! Pink sock ! Sexy now!

  107. Diane

    May 3, 2010 at 4:54 am

    I love this man for wearing pink socks!

  108. Poivre Monkey

    May 3, 2010 at 7:11 am

    he is so cute
    his outfit is amazing

  109. Jacqui

    May 3, 2010 at 8:09 am

    I barely noticed the outfit with that twinkling smile. Made me smile right back at him! I love him!

  110. Madame B. NYC

    May 3, 2010 at 2:03 pm


  111. VisteLaCalle

    May 3, 2010 at 5:17 pm

    I love the purple socks!

  112. Kevin Tailored

    May 4, 2010 at 12:42 am

    flawless execution.

  113. Anonymous

    May 4, 2010 at 7:42 am

    where did those loafers come from?

  114. Anonymous

    May 4, 2010 at 12:16 pm

    OH MY GODDDD!!!!
    WHO'S THIS GUY????

  115. Anonymous

    May 5, 2010 at 12:24 am

    Isn't he just a happy construction~!
    I love it~!

  116. Anonymous

    May 6, 2010 at 12:14 am

    Those socks are absolutely fantastic.

  117. Madge

    May 9, 2010 at 3:47 am

    He looks exactly like a candy cane!

  118. JinyKu

    May 10, 2010 at 12:25 am

    wow, this guy is awesome, gray colar suits, pink socks is very very wonderful match, is beautiful

  119. Anonymous

    May 10, 2010 at 6:22 pm

    Bless his little pink socks!

    JB :)

  120. Gentleman's Gazette

    May 11, 2010 at 12:06 am

    The piping on the shoes looks great although I think the combination with the pink socks is not advantageous.

  121. ding

    May 11, 2010 at 3:40 pm

    One thing too many -the shirt or the tie. I'm not sure which however. Shirt and suit match. Tie and socks too. But both combos, neeeh.

    Fantastic guy though. I wish I had the courage.

  122. Anonymous

    May 13, 2010 at 8:22 am

    Lovely, lovely socks! The shoes are also very nice!!

  123. joonomo

    May 18, 2010 at 4:47 pm

    lovely socks!

  124. vintage13

    May 20, 2010 at 2:44 pm

    "Well, one does want a hint of color.." ~ The Bird Cage

    What a wonderful smile! He certainly pulls off this outfit. You can tell it fits his personality perfectly.

  125. suenix

    May 25, 2010 at 10:15 pm

    The best thing about this picture is the smile!

  126. Ndumiso Dlamini

    June 3, 2010 at 2:05 am

    His colour combination is really fantastic! Well proportioned…

  127. Ashkan

    June 8, 2010 at 12:18 pm

    has anyone found a vendor with a similar style of loafers?

  128. Buddy

    June 8, 2010 at 11:27 pm

    10 out of 10.

  129. Anonymous

    June 9, 2010 at 12:03 pm

    Has anyone been able to purchase those shoes? I want them!!

  130. Zbarsky

    July 3, 2010 at 5:25 am

    his purple socks make me sooo happy

  131. 안호

    July 13, 2010 at 12:55 am

    lovely socks!

  132. Anonymous

    July 15, 2010 at 6:16 pm

    Those socks just made my day , :D

  133. Nickie

    August 4, 2010 at 12:10 am

    I genuinely love how he presents the tie as if to say, "My socks are worn to bring out the color in my tie".

  134. NoLa Prz

    September 2, 2010 at 9:36 am

    Men with pink look so handsome!!! really classy but with a turn that makes him look unique…

  135. Jazzbuff630

    December 23, 2010 at 3:53 pm

    I though I was fly, until I looked at this fellow's socks and shoes. The last time I wore pink socks was as a college sophomore in the 80's. Now I'm ready to Google Pringle's to order some to match my Drake's hot pink cashmere tie which I won on eBay for $14.99.

    Or maybe I'll just take the subway down to Century 21.

    Sart, you make me spend money.

  136. Nívia

    October 5, 2013 at 8:29 pm

    the man is beautiful, special smiling oriental face, but..
    if it was not for the soks…but it had to be rose?! really?? oh no!

    and more,… if I was a man I would never, eeever, cross my legs like that!

  137. Sky

    May 7, 2016 at 11:19 pm

    A solid pink tie the shade of his socks would put him in orbit.

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